Workshops on Biblical Exposition
NOVEMBER 10-12, 2017
The Charles Simeon Trust aims to help recover the centrality of expository teaching of the Word of God, for the health and benefit of the church in our own and future generations. Training women to teach the Bible to other women is vital for building up the church and equipping its members to live out the truths of the gospel. This Workshop on Biblical Exposition is designed for women who are currently in a teaching ministry with the responsibility to teach the Bible regularly. It is open to women who lead in regular teaching ministries including large group instructors, small group teachers, and women’s and children’s ministry leaders appointed by their churches.

Abi Byrd serves as the Deacon of women's ministry at Loudoun Valley Baptist Church in Purcellville, Virginia, where she mentors women and teaches a Bible Study. She speaks for evangelistic events and retreats at churches around the country and internationally. Abi graduated with a BEd in Music from Cambridge University. Previously she worked as an elementary school teacher in the UK, and served as Children's Ministry Director at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. She and her family were missionaries in the UK and Kosovo with Radstock Ministries for 11 years, and she continues to be involved as part of the Board. 

Abi Byrd

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United Christian Church of Dubai 

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Carrie Sandom is the Director of Women’s Ministry at the Proclamation Trust and trains women for ministry at the Cornhill Training Course in London. She has been involved in women's ministry for over 20 years, working with students in Cambridge, young professionals in London and now with women of all ages at St John’s Church, in Tunbridge Wells. She is a regular conference speaker and author.  

Carrie Sandom