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Workshop on Biblical Exposition
MAY 16-18, 2018
Mervyn Eloff is the Rector of St James Church, Kenilworth. Mervyn did his undergraduate studies at the Free State University and the Bible Institute of South Africa and before earning a DTh from the University of Stellenbosch. He was on staff at St Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate in London for three years where he worked with Dick Lucas. Mervyn also served as Rector of St Paul’s Church in Stellenbosch and then as a lecturer and as vice-Principal of George Whitefield Theological College in Cape Town. He has contributed to Built upon the Rock: Studies in Matthew’s Gospel (Eerdmans), The Proclamation Bible<, and he authored Teaching 1,2,3 John (PT Resources – Christian Focus). His doctoral thesis was titled From the Exile to the Christ: Exile, Restoration and the Theology of Matthew's Gospel.

Mervyn Eloff    LOCATION
Southview Alliance Church
20200 Walden Blvd.
Calgary, AB T2X 0N4
(403) 256-4922

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Robert S. Kinney serves as the Director of Ministries for the Charles Simeon Trust. Robert earned a BA in Early Christian Literature at the University of Chicago, an MS in Communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a PhD in New Testament at the University of Bristol. His dissertation was published in the WUNT II series by Mohr Siebeck as Hellenistic Dimensions of the Gospel of Matthew. He served as a pastoral intern at Holy Trinity Church in Chicago for six years and as the University Minister in the Hyde Park congregation for two years. He is ordained in the PEAR and presently serves at Christ Church in Vienna, Austria.

Robert Kinney
Norm Derkson is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Calgary, Alberta. He completed the Cornhill Training Course at the Proclamation Trust in London, England, and this experience inspired him to increase biblically faithful preaching through a similar preaching network in Canada. Norm is currently completing a DMin at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. 
Norm Derkson

  • "The ministry of the Charles Simeon Trust not only helps beginning preachers

    to handle the Word of God faithfully and tellingly, but provides invaluable resources for more experienced preachers, too. Most preachers would benefit hugely from the Workshops organized by the Trust."

    image D.A. Carson (Research Professor of New Testament at TEDS)
  • "I love the work of the Charles Simeon Trust. Nothing is more vital...

    ...than people hearing God’s Word rightly preached. So nothing is more vital for preachers than learning to rightly divide the Word. I praise God for raising up the Charles Simeon Trust to equip a generation in the most noble art and science of preaching and teaching."

    image Thabiti Anyabwile (Pastor of Anacostia River Church in Washington D.C.)
  • "The Charles Simeon Trust women's workshops provide a rare opportunity

    for women—stellar training on skills for getting to a right understanding of the text and teaching it to others. But the best and most unique thing about a Charles Simeon Trust women's workshop is the opportunity to get critical feedback from other women whose only agenda is to help each other get better at handling the Bible.”

    image Nancy Guthrie (Bible teacher, author, conference speaker)
  • "The Charles Simeon Trust, modelled on The Proclamation Trust in the UK,

    has been doing excellent work equipping Christians in understanding and teaching the Bible. I happily commend and promote their workshops, and regularly have occasion to encourage people to attend them."

    image Mark Dever (Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C.)
  • "Recomiendo firmemente la capacitación de The Charles Simeon Trust,

    ellos nos ayudan a entender claramente la Biblia y nos capacitan bien para predicar y ayudar al oyente a aplicarla."

    image Félix Cabrera (Pastor Iglesia Bautista Central in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  • "One of the church’s greatest needs

    is gospel ministers who are well-trained in expositional word ministry so that they may, in turn, faithfully equip the church for this mutual edification. It is for this reason that I partner with the Charles Simeon Trust (CST). I am so encouraged by the work of CST that we not only host an annual workshop in Austin, I also participate in other workshops as time permits. I cannot recommend CST highly enough.”

    image Juan Sanchez (Pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin)
  • "The Workshops on Biblical Exposition are a brilliant opportunity to listen to one another.

    They are a great way to learn from people who are further ahead than you, to have your own thinking challenged and it’s a great way to have fellowship around the central and pivotal responsibility that God’s given us: to preach and teach His Word."

    image David Short (Rector of St. John's Anglican Church in Vancouver)
  • "The greatest need of the church is the faithful exposition of God's Word.

    The Charles Simeon Trust is engaged in the vital work of encouraging and training biblical expositors. By harnessing the vast ministry potential of the internet, the Simeon Course offers excellent training to those who might not otherwise have access to this type of instruction."

    image Phil Ryken (President of Wheaton College)
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The Simeon Course on Biblical Exposition is a flexible online training platform for people who want to get better at studying and teaching God’s Word. We have a few courses that tackle different aspects of preaching and teaching from the Bible.

Using a unique combination of world-class professors and accomplished practitioners, these courses help you improve in preaching and teaching using foundational ideas (First Principles course), from each genre of the Bible (Literary Genre course), using the context of the whole Bible (Biblical Theology course), and using doctrinal convictions should have an impact on your preparation (Systematic Theology course).
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